LEO Cohort Details for Researchers

The LEO cohort consists of the LEO cohort and the MER subcohort. The LEO cohort refers to all participants enrolled on or after July 1, 2015 at one of the eight LEO centers. The MER subcohort of LEO refers to all participants enrolled from September 1, 2002 through June 30, 2015 at the Mayo Clinic or University of Iowa. All participants are being prospectively followed as part of the combined LEO cohort study. The study protocols are broadly similar, although the questionnaires are unique to each part of the study, and these are posted separately on the website. In the tables below, we summarize LEO-Phase 1 (Table 1) and the LEO-MER Subcohort (Table 2).  Using the request form, investigators can request data and specimens from either the LEO cohort or the LEO-MER subcohort or both. Some projects can bridge across the two components of LEO, and others are best conducted within one component or the other. The LEO investigators will work with external researchers to identify the optimal study design.


LEO-Phase 1 Cohort Table

LEO-MER Subcohort Table